IBC4EU project is being implemented by European Rear Contact Alliance (EURECA) integrating under its flag main RTD organizations and companies working on IBC technology with following objectives:
• To re-establish integrated PV value chain in Europe for large scale production to meet future EU needs for PV systems of superior quality and efficiency.
• To focus on bifacial IBC technology (multiple approaches for supply chain reliability) as top technology for Si with open avenues for further improvements.
• To cover by its activities the whole value chain: Material – Cell – Module – System – End of Life

The EURECA alliance is working on the IBC technology upscale for several years and before the IBC4EU project implemented number of steps toward significant upgrade of IBC technology for large scale production launch by number of PV manufacturing companies. Alliance is combining all needed competencies to form solid European innovation base able to deliver superior technology for European companies and supporting further developments, ensuring this way long range business competitiveness. Alliance consists of:

• Leading IBC technology developing institutes: INTERNATIONAL SOLAR ENERGY RESEARCHCENTER KONSTANZwith ZEBRA (lowest cost IBC in production) and INSTITUT FUR SOLARENERGIEFORSCHUNG with POLO IBC (highest efficient p-type IBC)

• Key PV c-Si companies in EU providing their facilities and equipment for introducing novel pilot lines: NORSUN, VALOE CELLSENERGYRA EUROPE, FUTURA SUN, KALYON PV
• Equipment suppliers implementing novel equipment for novel pilot lines: HIGHLINE TECHNOLOGY, COPPRINT TECHNOLOGIES.

Special attention must be given to the associated partners providing equipment to the project which was developed prior to the project by joint forces of EURECA alliance and pilot versions of which will be delivered to the project pilot lines implementation.


Associated Partners